Vintage-style Polaroid oval sunglasses for women with orange tinted lenses
The new frames from the Spring/Summer 2020 collection are the perfect way to glam up your style. Discover the modern designs and polarised lenses of our most innovative frames.
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PLD 4101/F/S 203433_086_SP 00
PLD 4101/F/S HAVANA / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_0T4_0F 00
PLD 6125/S HAVANA / PINK kr495.00
PLD 4101/F/S 203433_807_M9 00
PLD 4101/F/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 7038/S 204084_08A_T4 00
PLD 7038/S BLACK / GREY kr395.00
PLD 7038/S 204084_7ZJ_MT 00
PLD 7038/S BLACK / GREEN kr395.00
PLD 7038/S 204084_OIT_AO 00
PLD 7038/S BLACK / RED kr395.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_08A_M9 00
PLD 6128/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_08A_M9 00
PLD 6125/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_A30_0F 00
PLD 6128/S VIOLET / PINK kr495.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6125/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr495.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_AY0_KL 00
PLD 6128/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr495.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_JX1_MU 00
PLD 6125/S HAVANA / YELLOW kr495.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_HJV_HE 00
PLD 6128/S HAVANA / BROWN kr495.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6125/S BLUE / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6128/S BLUE / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6125/S 203385_XLT_SP 00
PLD 6125/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6128/S 203387_XLT_SP 00
PLD 6128/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6127/S 203388_08A_M9 00
PLD 6127/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6127/S 203388_LHF_M9 00
PLD 6127/S RED / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6127/S 203388_XLT_SP 00
PLD 6127/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 4099/S 203422_086_LA 00
PLD 4099/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 4099/S 203422_10A_LM 00
PLD 4099/S YELLOW / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 4099/S 203422_807_M9 00
PLD 4099/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4099/S 203422_B3V_JR 00
PLD 4099/S VIOLET / RED kr595.00
PLD 4099/S 203422_PJP_Z7 00
PLD 4099/S BLUE / BLUE kr595.00
PLD 4098/S 203423_086_LA 00
PLD 4098/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 4097/S 203421_086_LA 00
PLD 4097/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 4097/S 203421_4C3_LM 00
PLD 4097/S GREEN / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 4098/S 203423_35J_JQ 00
PLD 4098/S PINK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4098/S 203423_807_M9 00
PLD 4098/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4097/S 203421_733_LA 00
PLD 4097/S PINK / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 4097/S 203421_807_M9 00
PLD 4097/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4098/S 203423_B3V_JR 00
PLD 4098/S VIOLET / RED kr595.00
PLD 4097/S 203421_C9A_WJ 00
PLD 4097/S RED / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4098/S 203423_ZI9_WJ 00
PLD 4098/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4100/F/S 203430_086_SP 00
PLD 4100/F/S HAVANA / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 4100/F/S 203430_807_M9 00
PLD 4100/F/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4100/F/S 203430_C9A_M9 00
PLD 4100/F/S RED / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4100/F/S 203430_HAM_LM 00
PLD 4100/F/S YELLOW / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 4100/F/S 203430_MR8_WJ 00
PLD 4100/F/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4101/F/S 203433_35J_0J 00
PLD 4101/F/S PINK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4101/F/S 203433_LHF_M9 00
PLD 4101/F/S RED / GREY kr595.00