The new Spring/Summer collection is an explosion of colors and shapes, characterized by pop inspirations combined with contemporary styling and a perfect mix of playful hues.
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PLD 8031/S 201405_1ED_M9 00
PLD 8031/S GREEN / GREY kr395.00
PLD 8031/S 201405_C9A_M9 00
PLD 8031/S RED / GREY kr395.00
PLD 8031/S 201405_PJP_M9 00
PLD 8031/S BLUE / GREY kr395.00
PLD 8030/S 201404_B3V_M9 00
PLD 8030/S VIOLET / GREY kr395.00
PLD 8030/S 201404_PJP_M9 00
PLD 8030/S BLUE / GREY kr395.00
PLD 8030/S 201404_35J_M9 00
PLD 8030/S PINK / GREY kr395.00
Spring / Summer 2019 Polaroid Sunglasses Collection 


Get ready to see the world through new eyes: Change the rules of reality and do what others can’t even imagine aaa.

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