A versatile and light-hearted collection: brightly colored lenses, pop shapes, fashionable design and ultra-light materials. Give your style an extra touch of originality.


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PLD 6124/S 203242_C9A_OZ 00
PLD 6124/S RED / RED kr595.00
PLD 6108/S 202913_807_M9 00
PLD 6108/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6108/S 202913_HK8_KL 00
PLD 6108/S BLACK / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 6108/S 202913_IPR_C3 00
PLD 6108/S HAVANA / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6108/S 202913_L9G_HE 00
PLD 6108/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6109/S 202915_0T4_0F 00
PLD 6109/S HAVANA / PINK kr595.00
PLD 6109/S 202915_807_M9 00
PLD 6109/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6109/S 202915_OY4_C3 00
PLD 6109/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6110/S 202916_807_M9 00
PLD 6110/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6110/S 202916_D51_C3 00
PLD 6110/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6110/S 202916_L9G_HE 00
PLD 6110/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6110/S 202916_XGW_UC 00
PLD 6110/S GREEN / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6111/S 202917_7ZJ_UC 00
PLD 6111/S BLACK / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6111/S 202917_807_M9 00
PLD 6111/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6111/S 202917_IPR_C3 00
PLD 6111/S HAVANA / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6112/F/S 202918_0T4_0F 00
PLD 6112/F/S HAVANA / PINK kr595.00
PLD 6112/F/S 202918_71C_HE 00
PLD 6112/F/S BLACK / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6112/F/S 202918_807_M9 00
PLD 6112/F/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6112/F/S 202918_IPR_C3 00
PLD 6112/F/S HAVANA / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6115/S 202919_1ED_UC 00
PLD 6115/S GREEN / GREEN kr695.00
PLD 6115/S 202919_40G_HE 00
PLD 6115/S YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6115/S 202919_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6115/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6115/S 202919_RNB_FG 00
PLD 6115/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6116/G/S 202920_MVU_C3 00
PLD 6116/G/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6116/G/S 202920_PJP_WJ 00
PLD 6116/G/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6116/G/S 202920_RNB_FG 00
PLD 6116/G/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6113/S 202921_35J_0F 00
PLD 6113/S PINK / PINK kr695.00
PLD 6113/S 202921_92Y_DL 00
PLD 6113/S RED / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6113/S 202921_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6113/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr695.00
PLD 6113/S 202921_MVU_C3 00
PLD 6113/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6114/S 202924_35J_0F 00
PLD 6114/S PINK / PINK kr695.00
PLD 6114/S 202924_40G_HE 00
PLD 6114/S YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6114/S 202924_92Y_DL 00
PLD 6114/S RED / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6114/S 202924_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6114/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6117/G/S 202927_2M2_WJ 00
PLD 6117/G/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6117/G/S 202927_92Y_DL 00
PLD 6117/G/S RED / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6117/G/S 202927_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6117/G/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr695.00
PLD 6101/F/S 202497_807_M9 00
PLD 6101/F/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6101/F/S 202497_ETJ_A2 00
PLD 6101/F/S BLACK / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_807_M9 00
PLD 6099/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6099/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_KB7_WJ 00
PLD 6099/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_PJP_XN 00
PLD 6099/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_1ED_UC 00
PLD 6097/S GREEN / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6098/S 202443_40G_HE 00
PLD 6098/S YELLOW / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_40G_HE 00
PLD 6097/S YELLOW / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6098/S 202443_807_M9 00
PLD 6098/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_807_M9 00
PLD 6097/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_KB7_WJ 00
PLD 6097/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6098/S 202443_KB7_WJ 00
PLD 6098/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_PJP_XN 00
PLD 6097/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6098/S 202443_PJP_XN 00
PLD 6098/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6098/S 202443_086_LA 00
PLD 6098/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6097/S 202444_086_LA 00
PLD 6097/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 4052/S 200394_807_M9 00
PLD 4052/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_010_EX 00
PLD 2053/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_35J_0F 00
PLD 2053/S PINK / PINK kr595.00
PLD 4052/S 200394_J5G_UC 00
PLD 4052/S YELLOW / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_6LB_5X 00
PLD 2053/S GREY / BLUE kr595.00
PLD 4052/S 200394_PJP_C3 00
PLD 4052/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_KJ1_UC 00
PLD 2053/S GREY / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_PJP_C3 00
PLD 2053/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 4053/S 200397_807_LM 00
PLD 4053/S BLACK / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 2052/S 200398_807_LM 00
PLD 2052/S BLACK / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 4053/S 200397_807_M9 00
PLD 4053/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 2052/S 200398_807_M9 00
PLD 2052/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6035/S 200628_003_EX 00
PLD 6035/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6035/S 200628_807_LM 00
PLD 6035/S BLACK / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6035/S 200628_N9P_5X 00
PLD 6035/S HAVANA / BLUE kr495.00
PLD 4057/S 200645_2O5_M9 00
PLD 4057/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 4055/S 200624_2O5_M9 00
PLD 4055/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 4055/S 200624_AOZ_QD 00
PLD 4055/S YELLOW / GREY kr695.00
PLD 4057/S 200645_J5G_WJ 00
PLD 4057/S YELLOW / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6041/S 201010_086_SP 00
PLD 6041/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6042/S 201012_086_SP 00
PLD 6042/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6042/S 201012_807_M9 00
PLD 6042/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6041/S 201010_807_M9 00
PLD 6041/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6041/S 201010_PJP_5X 00
PLD 6041/S BLUE / BLUE kr495.00
PLD 6043/S 201013_086_LA 00
PLD 6043/S HAVANA / BROWN kr495.00
PLD 6047/S/X 201184_086_UC 00
PLD 6047/S/X HAVANA / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6043/S 201013_807_WJ 00
PLD 6043/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6047/S/X 201184_807_UC 00
PLD 6047/S/X BLACK / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6060/S 201352_2F7_M9 00
PLD 6060/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6060/S 201352_B6E_MF 00
PLD 6060/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 6057/S 201350_807_WJ 00
PLD 6057/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6060/S 201352_EYR_0J 00
PLD 6060/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6057/S 201350_VK6_LA 00
PLD 6057/S WHITE / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6056/S 201348_284_WJ 00
PLD 6056/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6056/S 201348_YYC_LA 00
PLD 6056/S BLACK / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6058/S 201351_1ED_UC 00
PLD 6058/S GREEN / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6058/S 201351_YYC_LA 00
PLD 6058/S BLACK / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6056/S 201348_40G_HE 00
PLD 6056/S YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6056/S 201348_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6056/S BLUE / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6056/S 201348_35J_0F 00
PLD 6056/S PINK / PINK kr695.00
PLD 6058/S 201351_284_WJ 00
PLD 6058/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_PEF_UC 00
PLD 2053/S YELLOW / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_B6E_MF 00
PLD 2053/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_2F7_M9 00
PLD 2053/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_NOA_OZ 00
PLD 2053/S YELLOW / RED kr595.00
PLD 6042/S 201012_003_C3 00
PLD 6042/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6066/S 201877_79D_M9 00
PLD 6066/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6066/S 201877_B6E_A2 00
PLD 6066/S VIOLET / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 6066/S 201877_LKS_XN 00
PLD 6066/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6066/S 201877_OFY_HE 00
PLD 6066/S YELLOW / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6087/S/X 202255_086_UC 00
PLD 6087/S/X HAVANA / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6087/S/X 202255_9HT_M9 00
PLD 6087/S/X BLACK / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6087/S/X 202255_FSF_C3 00
PLD 6087/S/X RED / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6093/S 202436_807_M9 00
PLD 6093/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6093/S 202436_KB7_5X 00
PLD 6093/S GREY / BLUE kr695.00
PLD 6093/S 202436_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6093/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 4056/S 200634_EYR_0J 00
PLD 4056/S YELLOW / GREY kr695.00
PLD 4056/S 200634_01Q_LA 00
PLD 4056/S YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 4057/S 200645_01Q_LA 00
PLD 4057/S YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6067/S 201878_79D_M9 00
PLD 6067/S GREY / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6067/S 201878_LKS_XN 00
PLD 6067/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6068/S 201879_427_5X 00
PLD 6068/S GREY / BLUE kr595.00
PLD 6067/S 201878_OFY_HE 00
PLD 6067/S YELLOW / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6068/S 201879_807_M9 00
PLD 6068/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6067/S 201878_YEP_A2 00
PLD 6067/S YELLOW / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 6068/S 201879_LKS_XN 00
PLD 6068/S YELLOW / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6068/S 201879_PEF_UC 00
PLD 6068/S YELLOW / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_210_0J 00
PLD 6069/S/X YELLOW / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_6LB_WJ 00
PLD 6069/S/X GREY / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_807_M9 00
PLD 6069/S/X BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_J5G_LA 00
PLD 6069/S/X YELLOW / BROWN kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_J5G_UC 00
PLD 6069/S/X YELLOW / GREEN kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_S9E_0F 00
PLD 6069/S/X YELLOW / PINK kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_V84_C3 00
PLD 6069/S/X GREY / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6069/S/X 201880_YB7_EX 00
PLD 6069/S/X GREY / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6070/S/X 201881_6LB_M9 00
PLD 6070/S/X GREY / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6070/S/X 201881_J2B_M9 00
PLD 6070/S/X GREY / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_6LB_M9 00
PLD 6071/S/X GREY / GREY kr549.00
PLD 6070/S/X 201881_J5G_SP 00
PLD 6070/S/X YELLOW / GOLD kr695.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_807_0F 00
PLD 6071/S/X BLACK / PINK kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_807_M9 00
PLD 6071/S/X BLACK / GREY kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_J2B_M9 00
PLD 6071/S/X GREY / GREY kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_J5G_SP 00
PLD 6071/S/X YELLOW / GOLD kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_J5G_UC 00
PLD 6071/S/X YELLOW / GREEN kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_S9E_0F 00
PLD 6071/S/X YELLOW / PINK kr549.00
PLD 6071/S/X 201882_XJY_C3 00
PLD 6071/S/X BLUE / GREY kr549.00
PLD 6076/S 201897_807_M9 00
PLD 6076/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6076/S 201897_KB7_5Z 00
PLD 6076/S GREY / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6076/S 201897_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6076/S BLUE / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6084/S 202252_0XR_UC 00
PLD 6084/S WHITE / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6085/S/X 202253_086_UC 00
PLD 6085/S/X HAVANA / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6084/S 202252_9HT_M9 00
PLD 6084/S BLACK / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6085/S/X 202253_9HT_M9 00
PLD 6085/S/X BLACK / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6086/S/X 202254_086_UC 00
PLD 6086/S/X HAVANA / GREEN kr895.00
PLD 6085/S/X 202253_FSF_C3 00
PLD 6085/S/X RED / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6084/S 202252_NXA_0F 00
PLD 6084/S PINK / PINK kr895.00
PLD 6086/S/X 202254_9HT_M9 00
PLD 6086/S/X BLACK / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6085/S/X 202253_S05_SP 00
PLD 6085/S/X GREY / GOLD kr895.00
PLD 6086/S/X 202254_ZX9_SP 00
PLD 6086/S/X BLUE / GOLD kr895.00
PLD 6088/S/X 202256_086_C3 00
PLD 6088/S/X HAVANA / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6088/S/X 202256_0XR_HE 00
PLD 6088/S/X WHITE / BROWN kr895.00
PLD 6088/S/X 202256_807_M9 00
PLD 6088/S/X BLACK / GREY kr895.00
PLD 6090/S 202432_086_SP 00
PLD 6090/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6089/S 202433_086_SP 00
PLD 6089/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6090/S 202432_807_M9 00
PLD 6090/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6089/S 202433_807_M9 00
PLD 6089/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6090/S 202432_C4B_A2 00
PLD 6090/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6089/S 202433_HJV_HE 00
PLD 6089/S HAVANA / BROWN kr495.00
PLD 6091/S 202434_086_SP 00
PLD 6091/S HAVANA / GOLD kr495.00
PLD 6091/S 202434_807_M9 00
PLD 6091/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6091/S 202434_D51_C3 00
PLD 6091/S BLACK / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6092/S 202437_807_M9 00
PLD 6092/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6092/S 202437_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6092/S BLUE / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6091/S 202434_PHW_XN 00
PLD 6091/S GREEN / GREY kr495.00
PLD 6092/S 202437_YEP_OZ 00
PLD 6092/S YELLOW / RED kr695.00
PLD 6094/S 202438_01Q_HE 00
PLD 6094/S YELLOW / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6094/S 202438_807_M9 00
PLD 6094/S BLACK / GREY kr695.00
PLD 6094/S 202438_B3V_A2 00
PLD 6094/S VIOLET / GOLD kr695.00
PLD 6096/S 202441_09Q_HE 00
PLD 6096/S BROWN / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6096/S 202441_807_WJ 00
PLD 6096/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6096/S 202441_8CQ_A2 00
PLD 6096/S RED / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 6095/S 202439_807_WJ 00
PLD 6095/S BLACK / GREY kr595.00
PLD 6096/S 202441_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6096/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 6095/S 202439_B3V_KL 00
PLD 6095/S VIOLET / VIOLET kr595.00
PLD 6095/S 202439_ZI9_A2 00
PLD 6095/S BLUE / GOLD kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_1ED_UC 00
PLD 6099/S GREEN / GREEN kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_733_OZ 00
PLD 6099/S PINK / RED kr595.00
PLD 6042/S 201012_086_HE 00
PLD 6042/S HAVANA / BROWN kr495.00
PLD 2053/S 200395_807_0F 00
PLD 2053/S BLACK / PINK kr595.00
PLD 6095/S 202439_086_LA 00
PLD 6095/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6096/S 202441_086_LA 00
PLD 6096/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00
PLD 6099/S 202442_086_LA 00
PLD 6099/S HAVANA / BROWN kr595.00