Polarized sunglasses - Fall Winter 2018 Collection - Polaroid


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Polaroid eyeglasses - Fall Winter Collection 2018
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 201895_PJP_C3 00
PLD 6074/S BLUE / GREY €70.00
 201897_C9A_XN 00
PLD 6076/S RED / GREY €50.00
 201896_807_M9 00
PLD 6075/S BLACK / GREY €50.00
 201878_YEP_A2 00
PLD 6067/S YELLOW / GOLD €55.00



Polarized sunglasses - what is polarization - Polaroid

Polarization’s experience

While polarization can be tricky to understand, it’s very easy to try on a pair of Polaroid sunglasses and see what you’ve been missing.

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