Nathy Peluso

An interdisciplinary and theatrical blend of swing, jazz and bossanova. Music has always been her way of expression. Born from reggae routes, her compositions have smoothly evolved to the hip hop we experience today.

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PLD 6039/S/X BLACK / GREY €75.00
 201326_KB7_C3 00
PLD 6052/S GREY / GREY €50.00
 201325_TCF_C3 00
PLD 6051/G/S BLUE / GREY €50.00
 201324_35J_HE 00
PLD 6050/S PINK / BROWN €50.00
Polaroid Sunglasses - Fall Winter 2018 Collection
Get ready to see beyond: beyond the glare,
beyond the surface, beyond the already seen.
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