Women's square eyeglasses - New Polaroid 2019 Collection
Lightweight materials and brightly coloured lenses: beauty comes in the irresistible shape of Polaroid Eyewear eyeglasses.
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PLD D382 103198_010 00
PLD D382 GREY kr699.00
PLD D379 103199_086 00
PLD D379 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D379 103199_1N5 00
PLD D379 RED kr599.00
PLD D382 103198_HZJ 00
PLD D382 YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D385 103200_HZJ 00
PLD D385 YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D379 103199_807 00
PLD D379 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D385 103200_J5G 00
PLD D385 YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D383/G 103203_010 00
PLD D383/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D379 103199_900 00
PLD D379 CRYSTAL kr599.00
PLD D380 103207_086 00
PLD D380 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D385 103200_KJ1 00
PLD D385 GREY kr699.00
PLD D381 103208_086 00
PLD D381 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D383/G 103203_807 00
PLD D383/G BLACK kr699.00
PLD D380 103207_1ED 00
PLD D380 GREEN kr599.00
PLD D385 103200_OPO 00
PLD D385 YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D383/G 103203_J5G 00
PLD D383/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D381 103208_807 00
PLD D381 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D380 103207_807 00
PLD D380 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D388/F 103209_086 00
PLD D388/F HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D383/G 103203_KJ1 00
PLD D383/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D381 103208_900 00
PLD D381 CRYSTAL kr599.00
PLD D388/F 103209_807 00
PLD D388/F BLACK kr599.00
PLD D380 103207_900 00
PLD D380 CRYSTAL kr599.00
PLD D381 103208_L7Q 00
PLD D381 ORANGE kr599.00
PLD D380 103207_KB7 00
PLD D380 GREY kr599.00
PLD D381 103208_MVU 00
PLD D381 BLUE kr599.00