Polaroid Eyeglasses - SS 2019
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PLD D356/G 102186_807 00
PLD D356/G BLACK kr599.00
PLD D356/G 102186_KB7 00
PLD D356/G GREY kr599.00
PLD D356/G 102186_PJP 00
PLD D356/G BLUE kr599.00
PLD D357/G 102187_807 00
PLD D357/G BLACK kr599.00
PLD D357/G 102187_8CQ 00
PLD D357/G RED kr599.00
PLD D357/G 102187_PJP 00
PLD D357/G BLUE kr599.00
PLD D358/G 102188_6LB 00
PLD D358/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D358/G 102188_J5G 00
PLD D358/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D359/G 102190_6LB 00
PLD D359/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D359/G 102190_J5G 00
PLD D359/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D360/G 102189_2F7 00
PLD D360/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D360/G 102189_AVB 00
PLD D360/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D360/G 102189_V84 00
PLD D360/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D361/G 102194_9T9 00
PLD D361/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D361/G 102194_HZJ 00
PLD D361/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D361/G 102194_OPO 00
PLD D361/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D361/G 102194_RHL 00
PLD D361/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D362/G 102191_427 00
PLD D362/G kr699.00
PLD D362/G 102191_85K 00
PLD D362/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D362/G 102191_EYR 00
PLD D362/G YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D363/G 102193_2M2 00
PLD D363/G BLACK kr699.00
PLD D363/G 102193_9RQ 00
PLD D363/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D363/G 102193_DTY 00
PLD D363/G BLUE kr699.00
PLD D363/G 102193_YL7 00
PLD D363/G kr699.00
PLD D364/G 102192_003 00
PLD D364/G BLACK kr799.00
PLD D364/G 102192_FG4 00
PLD D364/G BROWN kr799.00
PLD D364/G 102192_R80 00
PLD D364/G GREY kr799.00
PLD D365/G 102195_2M2 00
PLD D365/G BLACK kr699.00
PLD D365/G 102195_DTY 00
PLD D365/G BLUE kr699.00
PLD D365/G 102195_FT3 00
PLD D365/G GREY kr699.00
PLD D365/G 102195_YL7 00
PLD D365/G kr699.00
PLD D300 127680_807 00
PLD D300 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D401 127685_AMD 00
PLD D401 kr699.00
PLD D300 127680_VSY 00
PLD D300 kr699.00
PLD D401 127685_VWM 00
PLD D401 kr699.00
PLD D401 127685_VWS 00
PLD D401 kr699.00
PLD D333 100672_003 00
PLD D333 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D333 100672_09V 00
PLD D333 GREY kr699.00
PLD D316 100319_086 00
PLD D316 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D315 100308_003 00
PLD D315 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D316 100319_807 00
PLD D316 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D324 100345_003 00
PLD D324 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D315 100308_N9P 00
PLD D315 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D324 100345_KJ1 00
PLD D324 GREY kr699.00
PLD D324 100345_PJP 00
PLD D324 BLUE kr699.00
PLD D330 100681_003 00
PLD D330 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D330 100681_N9P 00
PLD D330 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D336 100679_003 00
PLD D336 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D323 100346_807 00
PLD D323 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D336 100679_N9P 00
PLD D336 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D310 100321_003 00
PLD D310 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D323 100346_OPO 00
PLD D323 YELLOW kr699.00
PLD D311 100306_003 00
PLD D311 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D310 100321_KB7 00
PLD D310 GREY kr699.00
PLD D311 100306_N9P 00
PLD D311 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D310 100321_N9P 00
PLD D310 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D335 100674_086 00
PLD D335 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D328 100783_003 00
PLD D328 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D335 100674_807 00
PLD D335 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D328 100783_0AM 00
PLD D328 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D331 100676_086 00
PLD D331 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D328 100783_N9P 00
PLD D328 HAVANA kr699.00
PLD D331 100676_807 00
PLD D331 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D331 100676_KB7 00
PLD D331 GREY kr699.00
PLD D346 101151_086 00
PLD D346 HAVANA kr799.00
PLD D341 101131_2M2 00
PLD D341 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D342 101149_807 00
PLD D342 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D346 101151_807 00
PLD D346 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D343 101148_086 00
PLD D343 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D341 101131_CBL 00
PLD D341 GREY kr799.00
PLD D342 101149_CBL 00
PLD D342 GREY kr799.00
PLD D346 101151_I21 00
PLD D346 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D343 101148_807 00
PLD D343 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D341 101131_S45 00
PLD D341 PINK kr799.00
PLD D342 101149_PJP 00
PLD D342 BLUE kr799.00
PLD D343 101148_KB7 00
PLD D343 GREY kr599.00
PLD D345 101150_086 00
PLD D345 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D347 101152_086 00
PLD D347 HAVANA kr799.00
PLD D345 101150_807 00
PLD D345 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D347 101152_807 00
PLD D347 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D347 101152_I21 00
PLD D347 BLACK kr799.00
PLD D402 127687_HJ6 00
PLD D402 kr699.00
PLD D402 127687_AMD 00
PLD D402 kr699.00
PLD D350 101554_003 00
PLD D350 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D351 101552_1N5 00
PLD D351 RED kr699.00
PLD D354 101550_003 00
PLD D354 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D349 101553_003 00
PLD D349 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D350 101554_RIW 00
PLD D350 GREY kr699.00
PLD D351 101552_807 00
PLD D351 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D354 101550_N9P 00
PLD D354 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D349 101553_807 00
PLD D349 BLACK kr699.00
PLD D351 101552_PJP 00
PLD D351 BLUE kr699.00
PLD D354 101550_RIW 00
PLD D354 GREY kr599.00
PLD D355 101551_003 00
PLD D355 BLACK kr599.00
PLD D348 101549_C9A 00
PLD D348 RED kr699.00
PLD D348 101549_PJP 00
PLD D348 BLUE kr699.00
PLD D355 101551_N9P 00
PLD D355 HAVANA kr599.00
PLD D355 101551_FLL 00
PLD D355 BLUE kr599.00
PLD D348 101549_807 00
PLD D348 BLACK kr699.00
Spring / Summer 2019 Polaroid Sunglasses Collection 


Get ready to see the world through new eyes: Change the rules of reality and do what others can’t even imagine.

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