Women's Polaroid Clip-on Round Sunglasses
Optical frames and polarized sunglasses … with a Clip!
The magnetic front instantly converts your glasses into a brilliant all-in-one solution, without the bother of having to use two pairs of glasses!
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PLD 6080/G/CS 202242_OIT_OZ 00
PLD 6080/G/CS BLACK / RED €89.00
PLD 6080/G/CS 202242_IPR_5X 00
PLD 6080/G/CS HAVANA / BLUE €89.00
PLD 6080/G/CS 202242_45Z_EX 00
PLD 6080/G/CS HAVANA / GREY €89.00
PLD 6080/G/CS 202242_08A_M9 00
PLD 6080/G/CS BLACK / GREY €89.00
PLD 6081/G/CS 202243_08A_M9 00
PLD 6081/G/CS BLACK / GREY €89.00
PLD 6081/G/CS 202243_OIT_OZ 00
PLD 6081/G/CS BLACK / RED €89.00
PLD 6081/G/CS 202243_IPR_5X 00
PLD 6081/G/CS HAVANA / BLUE €89.00
PLD 6080/G/CS Woman wearing Polaroid round glasses with polarized clip-on lenses Discover more
PLD 6081/G/CS 202243_45Z_EX 00
PLD 6081/G/CS HAVANA / GREY €89.00
PLD 6080/G/CS Polaroid clip-on sunglasses with polarizied lenses and matching frames Discover more